Aus Den Sieben Tagen


Play a sound
Play it for so long 
until you feel
that you should stop
and so on

when you feel
that you should stop
But whether you play or stop:
keep listening to the others

At best play
when people are listening
Do not rehearse

Above, surprising as it may be, is a page from the musical score ‘Aus Den Sieben Tagen‘ written almost 60 years ago by the German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. It was written as a response to a personal crisis, which in turn stemmed from the world wide crisis of the time. One could think of it as more of a poem than a piece of music and in that there is a lot of truth. What started as a series of texts, of words that could help a healing process, turned into instructions asking for performers to move away from conventional notation and, instead, use their intuition.

Its origins inspired us to react on the current situation in 2020 and 2021 which has resulted in so many of us having our own personal struggles. The aim was to move away from the concert/performance experience and rather create a place where all merges into one event, where sonic and visual meet with the physical space.

An eclectic group of musicians from very different sonic backgrounds (electric, rock, noise, folk, ..) was chosen and combined with a light designer who could explore the idea of light as a narrative line and play an equally important part to an instrumentalist.

We search for unique buildings which could, hand in hand with sound and light, create a site-specific atmosphere and allow an individual or group of audience members to have the opportunity for redirecting their focus on their current thoughts, struggles, wishes or beliefs by escaping for a moment in a place in which they can find a balance with their own mental state.